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Letter: Liberal bridge is falling down

Well, the jig is finally up in Benghazi, and I can’t wait to see how Carl “what the” Heck spins this with his comical ignorance. The problem with lies and being categorically dishonest is that it eventually catches up with you — right, Hillary, right, Barrack?

Once again, I congratulate you liberals for your mindless continued support of such an abject failure across the board. It is one thing to be unqualified and ignorant, while it is quite another to be calculated and intentionally deceitful — shamefully, this administration finds a way to be both. The unmitigated gall it takes to preside over the return of dead American bodies only to look into the faces of the grieving relatives and utter “we will get the guys who did this” video is difficult to even fathom. This is the person you libtards pray will perpetuate this disaster of a party. Nice.

Come on, Carl, aka the Jay Carney of the Roaring Fork Valley, enlighten us with your brilliance.

Signed: Ted Nugent.

Steven Hansen


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