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Letter: Letter’s intention misinterpreted

Letter’s intention misinterpreted

The May 12 Aspen Times published a letter from Janet Lattof, of Snowmass Village. In that letter, Lattof strongly implied that I somehow had slandered special-needs people. Some of Lattof’s relatives are special needs, so she seems especially sensitive to issues relating to such individuals. The only problem is that I am innocent. The basis on which Lattof has slandered me by her insinuations is my Facebook posts on The Aspen Times site commenting on Steven Hansen’s letter regarding revelations of dishonesty and abuse of power in the Obama administration. My posts contain no content relating to special-needs people. Apparently Lattof has a bone to pick with Hansen, but she cannot distinguish Hansen from those who might have commented on his letter.

I accept Latoff’s apology in advance. Her defense of the interests of special-needs individuals is admirable, but it is not an excuse for slander.

Maurice Emmer


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