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Letter: Letter writer should check his facts

Letter writer should check his facts

Allyn Harvey suggests that I had some personal stake in the new lodging ordinance (“Beware DeFrancia,” letters, Aug. 28, The Aspen Times).

That could not be further from the truth.

In fact, the proposal for the Boomerang with which I am involved is being processed under the existing ordinance dating back to 2005.

Moreover, the proposal being advanced under that ordinance calls for less density, height and mass than that which is already approved!

Allyn should secure the facts before offering biased criticism.

As to the now rescinded lodging ordinance, my issue was with process. Making laws by referendum is neither the most efficient nor productive process as opposed to allowing council and staff to formulate them. As stated in my opinion, if we don’t like what council does, then we vote them out.

Allyn needs to reflect on the substance on of my comments and not misinformation from a bias against development … and it’s always good to have the facts.

James DeFrancia


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