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Letter: Let’s reap what we sew

Salutations. I hope you are doing well. Please carefully read every word.

I look to jump-start a vertical fashion-industry trust in Garfield County. In Garfield County there are females who sew at home for profit or for a hobby.

Also, there are many GarCo Sewing Works graduates trained to sew who are not employed in the garment trade or still need to earn a living.

Let’s make the best out of Garfield County’s capital investment in its human capital who have been on the dole or in the unemployment lines.

You can spread the word to every nook and cranny in Garfield County, isn’t that right? So work with me to work an economic miracle in Garfield County. Let’s get busy!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen

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