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Letter: Let’s honor each other

In Aspen, we’re all nobody. That’s what we love about it. I was born here in 1960, but there were many who came before me. Miners, 10th Mountain Division men, Norwegians, Austrians, Native Americans. This is our native land and we are a tribe. We honor each other. Our word is good, our handshake can be trusted, a contract is a contract and a deal is a deal; our actions define us. In the “real world,” it is said that there are six degrees of separation — in Aspen, there are about two degrees! Word travels fast. We live on common ground, and you are no better than me and I am no better than you. We are locals and we live with dignity, grace and respect for each other regardless of how long we’ve been here, where we came from or what religion we practice. Our ripple effect will be felt quickly in this little town. Let’s continue to honor each other — it’s what makes Aspen so special.

Cindy Madsen Buck


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