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Letter: Let Thompson leases expire

Let Thompson leases expire

The oil and gas leases in the Thompson Divide should be retired by the Bureau of Land Management on April 1 when the current lease extension expires. Here’s why:

The Thompson Divide is a precious landscape which deserves preservation — it supports a vibrant economy with such multiple uses as ranching, recreation and tourism, logging — as envisioned by the Forest Service’s establishment.

Western water is our most precious resource and is increasingly scarce due to climate change and recent weather. The Divide provides clean water for local communities and the Colorado River. Presently, water is scarce and climate models predict we will have a drier future.

Anthropogenic climate change is real. A March 18 report from American scientists stated: “Climate scientists agree: climate change is happening here and now. Based on well-established evidence, about 97 percent of climate scientists have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening.” (see: whatweknow.aaas.org)

These leases should be vacated — that is overdue. The lessees failed to exploit their leases during the initial 10-year period as required by law.

Mark Hilberman and Brigitte Hilberman


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