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Letter: Let the leases expire

Let the leases expire

Whoa! All this dithering over extending the oil and gas leases in Thompson Divide has to stop! The leases were due to expire a year ago, but for some unfathomable reason the developers were given an extension. Now that the extension is due to expire April 1, may it truly expire! Please, BLM, let the leases die!

The Roaring Fork community has made it abundantly clear that we do not want oil and gas development in the Thompson Divide. It makes no sense for the multifaceted, functioning and sustainable economy now existing in the Thompson Divide to be destroyed by the short-sighted extractive industry. Extending the leases is rendered even more senseless by the recent report which projects scant reserves in the area.

Please, BLM, put this matter to rest! Let the leases expire (as they legally should have a year ago).

Thank you.

Ann Johnson


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