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Letter: Kudos to the Limelight

While I agree with what I think is Roger Marolt’s core point (“Listening to results speak for themselves,” April 17, The Aspen Times, Commentary) that it is easier to change an ordinance than to reduce the size of a building that is too big, I disagree with his example of the Limelight Hotel as the problem.

I have not spent the night at the Limelight but have attended meetings and had food and drinks there. It seems to fit in both the physical and social environment of Aspen.

The lobby is open and welcoming to passersby, and the staff even more open and welcoming. I have never walked into the Limelight and felt awkward or out of place. Those who live here often enjoy coupon specials through friends who are Aspen Skiing Co. staff or happy hour specials. The live music there is another treat. This month alone, they hosted the Mile Markers, Josefina Mendez, the Defiance String Band and Mack Bailey.

Physically, I feel like the hotel provides a nice form adjacent to Wagner Park, and its relationship perpendicular to the mountain views means that there is little disturbance from its height. The building becomes a frame rather than a wall for me. I recognize that others could see it differently.

Finally, our visitors love it. The Limelight is ranked the No. 3 hotel in Aspen on TripAdvisor. Many visitors comment that they felt like the received value for their money, which was the point when the Limelight was first envisioned, as I recall. It may not be on par with some other properties in traditional lodge-rating measures, but the people who stay there feel like they got a lot from their stay.

All in all, I think the community was a winner in the Limelight Hotel redevelopment. I guess Roger sees something different, and that makes the world go around, but I wanted to share another perspective so that the people who work at the Limelight know that their efforts and workplace are appreciated.

Robert Schultz


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