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Letter: Krabloonik owner getting bad rap

Krabloonik owner getting bad rap

It is sad how eager people are to destroy Dan MacEachen’s character and his business (Krabloonik).

He’s a fine, upright, capable man and runs an excellent dog sled business. I have known him personally ever since he started Krabloonik and feel strongly that his critics need to accept their neighbors. Strange … that people would move there knowing it was not a quiet neighborhood.

The critics’ main point now is abuse of the dogs. There is no abuse. Working dogs are not treated like pampered pets at home.

It is unfortunate that an ex-employee and the employer’s daughters’ personal issues have interfered with a well-run business. The dogs are well taken care of and Dan is a fine man. The criticism is coming from those who know nothing about raising dog sled dogs and the PETA group.

Dan also runs an outstanding restaurant and we should be proud to have him here.

Ruth Perry


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