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Letter: Keep the huge buildings out

What a pleasure to read about the city wishing to consolidate into one or two buildings. Wow, imagine our quaint town, where it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to walk the one to three blocks between buildings and offices. Sure, it’s a pain for us residents, as well.

Our quaint town ­— cannot wait to see the 70,000-square-foot behemoth you wish to build — may even bring in a Costco.

Let’s take up all the open space in the core area, cut down all the useless trees, the vets memorial, the very few parking spaces and build everything as high as 50 feet. Or, why not have the tallest building in Colorado, say 60 to 80 stories? The mountains will hide it quite well. This way, we can have the fastest elevators because we are Aspen. You could even have employee housing within and restaurants and health clubs, all inside so you don’t have to leave the building.

Oh yeah, the bad news: We will require an indoor doggy poop area since all the open space will be absorbed by the hugeness.

It is so troublesome to have to put on your coat and take it off, and winter boots and all.

Why do we all live here?

Oh yeah, this is Aspen, the quaint western town in the banana belt of the Rockies where our forefathers brought culture to the immigrant miners and workers and local Indians.

We chose Aspen to enjoy the beauty during the color changes through the seasons, clean air and open and public spaces. So why displace a great community public space at the Rio Grande for temporary location of the engineering staff or the planning staff and government at the old armory? Keep the huge buildings out, keep government contained and support our community public space.

So, maybe because there is no huge buildings are why we moved here.

Ed Petrosius


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