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Letter: Keep an eye on reality

Thank you for your series on the issues surrounding the future of the former Pan and Fork location. As a property owner and 10-year summer resident of this beautiful community, I see the importance of active discourse before the actual decisions are finalized. Your articles inform this discourse.

What both plans described in your initial article under-evaluate is the responsibility of any design to provide safe automobile parking. It is progressive to encourage future park visitors to arrive on Tevas or Schwinns, but weekly experience of the congestion around Lions Park should teach us reality. The dangerous high-density parking design recently employed immediately west of this property is likewise unsafe. Crew-cab pickups intrude into the travel lanes and block the exit view for automobile drivers. Even without the added parking demands of any future development, families are parking on the shoulders of Two Rivers Road and unloading children directly into the street.

Keep reality in focus while planning the future.

Richard C. Broussard


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