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Letter: Judicial system breeds mob psychology

Judicial system breeds mob psychology

Law enforcement and the judicial system have the blessing of the richest and most powerful people all over the world, and with that blessing and affirmation they themselves believe, and tell one another, that they are better than “civilians” at using their discretion to “get the bad guys”. And with their fellow officers, lawyers, judges and jailers, they participate in a very dangerous mob psychology. With their badge or robe they believe they are the

personification of righteousness: They repress their shadow side and that which is repressed gets projected on the outside world. In this way, a way that is grossly underestimated, the system creates criminals. It is a psychological trap that even a person with well above-average intelligence, integrity and awareness will fall into due mostly to the mob mentality and lack of psychoanalysis of the repressed unconscious. So what makes them think that they are immune to this sickness? They are not immune and, in fact, the vehemence of their denial is in inverse proportion to the pathology of their projection.

This pathological projection is hurting families and killing people, and it does happen here in Aspen.

Matthew Franzen


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