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Letter: Join me in voting for Sirkus

Being among the 49 percent on the Base Village question a decade ago, I have come to realize that an unfinished Base Village in 2014 is not in the best interests of our community. Therefore, I am left pondering how best to move this project along while holding the various developers accountable to their obligations and benchmarks.

I believe Bob Sirkus is an individual who meets this standard. Bob would bring significant expertise to his role as a Snowmass Village councilman. He has experience as a company chief financial officer as well as six years on the Snowmass Village Planning Commission. On a personal level, I have found Bob to be level-headed, honest, thoughtful and open to hearing the thoughts of others (even if impassioned). Oh, yes, he also possesses a sense of humor, which surely must be a requirement for holding a political office in Snowmass Village these days.

I trust Bob to represent local residents, and as a result, ask my fellow residents of Snowmass Village to join me by voting in Bob Sirkus for Town Council.

Jeff Kremer

Snowmass Village

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