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Letter: Jetson House needs a makeover

The Jetson House on Owl Creek Road in Snowmass needs a modest makeover. I would like to ask the owners of the property to consider redesigning the roofline that in its current form stabs the sky with a double sword. The architectural plans were never vetted by the town planners, and so I feel it is incumbent on the owners of the property to hear the feedback from the community and manage their property with the community’s best interest in mind.

All that needs to be done is to pull in the dagger-like roofline in toward the body of the house. If those twin daggers that puncture the sky for all of us who drive on Owl Creek Road were scaled back so that they looked modest, rather than in-your-face outrageous, I think the property would fit in with the community in a much more peaceful way.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village

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