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Letter: In with the new?

Gosh, we old Aspenites are informed by all the new folks from elsewhere, who have moved into Aspen during the past 20 or so years, how dumb we were (or are) for having generated clean, renewable electricity from the natural energy of our mountain streams.

My goodness! Those fish in the tailrace of the old Power House and in the Thomas Reservoir were “endangered” by our activities. But the new folks from elsewhere have moved to Aspen and have enlightened us and will set us straight.

The only dumb thing we old folks of Aspen did was to allow the removal of the turbines from the historic Power House and jeopardize our valuable water rights, which allow us to generate clean, renewable energy. In retrospect, I am glad I was given the opportunity to have been a part of Aspen’s hydroelectric history.

The water from both Castle and Maroon creeks is still safe to drink and make ice for your cocktails with. So to all you new folks at Save Our Streams, enjoy the holidays, but be sure to keep a candle handy. Just in case! Cow gas from Iowa may yet be in our future energy portfolio. In the meantime, the hot air at City Council meetings from hydro opponents will have to suffice.

Jim Markalunas

Former city councilman and the last operator of the Castle Creek Power House

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