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Letter: In this new year

In this new year

As a reinvented you emerges,

Dreams of possibility dance near,

We share a loving wish for you,

Forgive your deepest held pains,

Reach in, shed light on the darkness and heal,

See the pain in those around you,

Reach out, share your light, help them heal,

Humbly accept your weakness,

Boldly embrace your many strengths,

Gracefully release that which does not serve you.

Fearlessly pursue your wildest dreams,

Recognize that wisdom shared is a pure gift,

Freely mentor those who seek your wisdom,

Relentlessly strive to create a stronger safer world,

See the beauty in this life you are blessed to live,

Embrace the differences of ideals and beliefs,

We are all, in kindness, one essence of light,

Allow love to slip deeply into your heart,

Seek the smile your soul sings for you to be,

Strive, with passion, to live a life in love,

You are love,

Shaine Ebrahimi


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