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Letter: I welcome the crowds to Aspen

I love Aspen most when it is uncrowded. It takes patience to deal with the influx. City Market during high season can be a true test of character. “Can I get in and out without losing it?” But most of the people I know in this community depend on these visitors to pay their rent, put their kids through school and feed their families. Over the past seven years, when the economy was bad and people weren’t traveling as much, a lot of people I know left. They couldn’t make it. A lot of friends and neighbors depend upon these people. It is not about greed. It is about all of us in Aspen being able to stay in Aspen. If you are one of those people who don’t need a vibrant visitor economy to stay here, count yourself among the lucky. But please think about the rest of our community before you complain about the crowds and clamor to have the city shut the doors. Cowboy up. Do it for your friends and neighbors.

Maria Morrow


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