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Letter: Hydro double-talk flows from City Hall

The Aspen hydro project has reappeared.

As Brent Gardner-Smith’s article (March 24, Aspen Daily News) points out, statements that city staff made to the City Council concerning the proposed Castle Creek hydroelectric plant are very different from what staff has told the public and the federal government. On Feb. 10, staff told City Council in very plain terms that they are not moving forward with the Castle Creek hydroelectric plant.

This is the complete opposite of what city staff is telling the local media and the federal government. To the public and the feds, city staff has stated, “Without question, both activities (related to the hydro plant) are key to the hydro project’s progress.” Clearly, city staff is in fact moving the hydro plant forward and reporting this progress to the public and feds, despite the people’s vote telling them not to.

Recently, Amory Lovins wrote a 33-page report, unasked, giving his opinion as to the effectiveness of this hydro project. “It’s clear to me, as long it’s seemed to many, that the Castle Creek Hydroelectric Plant is economically unsound.” Lovins said. “The (Castle Creek Energy Center’s) total cost could make it the costliest hydro plant ever built. There are attractive opportunities to achieve your energy goals with less cost, risk, and controversy.”

Let’s move forward together to find real solutions, not looks-good-on-paper solutions that are, in reality, totally inadequate. And let’s protect and honor the stewardship of our streams.

Jody Guralnick


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