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Letter: Hotel proposal doesn’t mesh with Main Street charm

Dear Aspen city councilmen and councilwomen,

Please hear our plea to deny the proposed application from Garmisch Lodging for Hotel Aspen in full.

Greg and I have been residents at 101 W. Francis St. for a very long time. We have reviewed the plans of Garmisch Lodging and we strongly oppose the present building plans.

The low-profile character and Victorian charm of the West End is important and desired by the residents of the proposed area. The proposed changes will impact the character of our wonderful town as well as the Main Street frontage of the Aspen core. We believe this plan will have a negative impact on many aspects of our neighborhood, which includes the beautiful mature trees and our southern-facing mountain views.

We are not opposed to the remodel as a whole but would like the council to deny, in full, the present application. We would like the council to consider a new proposal that would be more in keeping with the Victorian character that is so important to preserve in Aspen.

Thank you for your consideration to our plea in this matter.

Greg and Billie Erwin


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