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Letter: History’s on your side

History’s on your side

I am happy to reassure both Jon Busch and the community that Louise Berg’s tapes are safely preserved in the Aspen Historical Society’s archives. In Mr. Busch’s letter to the editor of March 2, he states that the tapes need to be “preserved and restored.”

We agree! The Aspen Historical Society digitally preserved the 96 Berg tapes along with the other 314 audio tapes in our collection, thanks to grants from the The Thrift Shop of Aspen and the city of Aspen. The Aspen Historical Society Archives are home to many treasures in addition to the Berg tapes — they currently house 28,181 photographic images, 6,827 written material items and 1,048 books — and the collection is constantly growing. Roughly 9,500 images, the poster and map collections, and The Aspen Times newspapers through 1963 are available online at http://www.archiveaspen.org for easy public access. We are also in the process of upgrading our archive facility. To listen to these tapes, access photographs or for research assistance, contact us at archives@aspenhistory.org or 925-3721, ext. 103.

Lisa Hancock

Curator, Aspen Historical Society

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