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Letter: Help us ignite Aspen’s future

Dear Mayor Skadron and Aspen City Council,

Thank you for your thorough and thoughtful process toward selecting the best use for the Old Power House building. Tuesday’s public comment work session was a powerful demonstration of how inspired our entire community truly is. The Old Power House is one of Aspen’s treasured assets and every aspect of the Power Plant proposal has our entire community at heart. It is clear Aspen needs an incubator co-working space, and without this building, the concept will likely disappear. To quote Auden Schendler: “It’s business fostering innovation and fostering community.”

We acknowledge that our concept is a collaboration of businesses, but these unique businesses play a role in our community unlike any other. Aspen Brewing Co. is more than just beer; we have supported countless community organizations and nonprofits since our inception, and the Power Plant will enable us to have a more profound impact. Aspen 82 plays an invaluable role in our community, documenting and sharing Aspen’s collective story to a broad and growing audience. The Power Plant will host and curate events, large and small, throughout the year and with respect to the neighborhood. Help us ignite Aspen’s future.

Duncan Clauss


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