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Letter: Health of horses is paramount

In response to the letter “Have more compassion for polo ponies” (The Aspen Times, Nov. 25):

I am the attending veterinarian for the Aspen Valley Polo Club and will be in attendance for the snow-polo event this year. My responsibilities at the event will include pre-game health and soundness exams and post-game health and soundness exams, and in the event of an equine emergency, I will be fieldside to organize, diagnose and treat any injury suffered by the polo ponies. A treatment tent will be available in case any polo pony requires treatment on the field prior to transport.

I have never attended a snow-polo event in Aspen and certainly regret if the welfare and care of any horse in prior events was compromised in any way; however, I can confidently assure the public that this year’s event is being managed in a first-class fashion in all respects, with a primary emphasis on the health and well-being of all the equine athletes involved.

The owners and members of the Aspen Valley Polo Club play and organize some of the most prestigious polo tournaments in the world, and all of its members realize that polo-pony welfare is of primary importance to the game. With that in mind, I encourage all of Aspen to come to snow polo this year and witness the quality of horses and horsemanship involved in the event.

I am confident that all who attend the event will realize that the level of organization, the quality of horses and the caliber of the players involved will be something the city of Aspen will be proud of.

Daren E. Tamplin

Veterinarian, Wellington, Fla.

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