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Letter: Has Maria read Referendum 1?

Did Maria Morrow, Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s legal counsel, send a blast email to voters knowing that it contained a number of major misstatements concerning Referendum 1? Or has she not read Referendum 1?

For those of you who did not get Morrow’s blast email, please read Paul Menter’s commentary, “Referendum Follies” (Aspen Daily News, April 22). It is an eye-opener.

Menter said he received Morrow’s email wherein she urged voters to vote “no” on Referendum 1 because, according to her, the referendum “will require Aspen voters to vote every time an application has a variance.”

However, Menter noted that this is not what Referendum 1 actually states. He continued, “Referendum 1’s clear language limits its applicability to variances of height, mass, parking and affordable housing to commercial buildings in the downtown core. … Certainly not the kind of sweeping applicability necessitating a public vote ‘every time’ there is a variance.”

In several emails to Morrow, Menter requested that she clarify her statements. Her response was to tell him to go to Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s website.

After another email exchange, Morrow stated, “The referendum applies to variances regarding height and mass on commercial projects.”

Another back and forth led Morrow to ask Menter if she should send out a correction. In an April 15 email to her, Menter listed numerous reasons why she should correct her original email statement; however, he had not received a corrected version by the time he wrote his column.

So, based on Referendum 1, as written on the ballot, I voted “yes.”

Perhaps if Morrow would carefully read Referendum 1, she would rewrite that email and encourage people to vote “yes” too.

Lindsay Smith


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