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Letter: Hamas represents terror

Cathleen Krahe, in her letter published in The Aspen Times on July 3 (“Hamas is hardly evil”), devotes much of it to quoting Rabbi Henry Seigman, a well-known Jewish leader known for his left-of-center views on Israel. He certainly proves the point that Jews, both in Israel and in the rest of the world, are not a monolithic group as far as their views on Israel are concerned.

Most, however, do agree that Israel has a right to exist, as opposed to the Hamas position that “Hamas will not recognize Israel. … This is a red line that cannot be crossed,” as quoted by Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, deputy chairman of Hamas’ political bureau, just this year.

Krahe goes on to say, “It is absurd to call Hamas evil for wanting to end the blockade of Gaza, killing and imprisoning Palestinians without trials and the occupation of the West Bank.” However, how about calling it evil for bus bombings in Jerusalem, for suicide bombings at wedding celebrations or in marketplaces or for firing thousands of rockets attempting to kill or disrupt the lives of peaceful non-belligerents (yes, including women and children)?

Hamas has been designated a terrorist organization by the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, Canada, the European Union, Jordan, Egypt and Japan. However, it is not considered a terrorist organization by Iran, Russia, Turkey, China and many Arab nations. Does that lineup give you a clue?

I want peace and coexistence in that region, and I’m sure Krahe does, as well. However, until both are on the table, neither will exist.

Buster Feldman


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