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Letter: ‘Green is what we want to be’

As Kermit once said, “It’s not that easy being green.” At least it sometimes feels this way. Yet every day, organizations and businesses in Snowmass Village are making tremendous strides in reducing their environmental impacts. And why do they do it? It’s good for their customers, their community and their bottom line. And now it’s time to recognize these efforts.

Until Nov. 14, the town of Snowmass Village is accepting nominations for the second annual Snowmass Village Environmental Award. This award recognizes the green achievements of organizations and businesses located or operating in the village. To make a nomination, please tell us about specific policies, programs or actions undertaken in energy conservation, water quality and/or conservation, and waste reduction and recycling.

Details and nomination forms are available on the town’s website. Let us know what locals have done to go green and inspire others to do the same. Green is what we want to be!

Lindsey Palardy and Sally Sparhawk

Snowmass Village Environmental Advisory Board

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