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Letter: Grateful for skiing with Challenge Aspen

I am Jennifer Arkin. I have cerebral palsy and I am legally blind. I have been skiing since 1977, when I learned to ski in the Colorado mountains. I have been skiing ever since.

Now, I am 45 years old. I have skied with the Challenge Aspen Program for the past three years. They provide me with a guide and I ski at my own level. I don’t use poles, but I use my arms like a plane for balance.

I love to ski. Skiing is my most favorite sport. When I ski down a slope, I feel like I am gliding down the hill and I feel so free.

When I turned 40, my hip started to hurt and I could not ski or walk, and I had to use a wheelchair for an entire year. I had a huge surgery on my left hip and it was successful. Now I am back skiing and enjoying the mountain.

I want to praise Challenge Aspen. They have a terrific program for anyone with special needs. I am thankful for this program and I highly recommend it.

Jennifer Arkin


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