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Letter: Good luck to Power Plant backers

I take no pleasure in witnessing people making a difficult and painful decision. On Tuesday night, members of the City Council did just that. For anyone with empathy and compassion, it was not a pleasurable meeting. The Aspen Power Plant was like fitting a square peg into a round hole. The zoning had to be changed, or the Power Plant needed to somehow convince the IRS that three of four for-profit elements could be housed under a shell of a nonprofit. This, if attempted, would have been, in my opinion, contrary to the intent of the law.

In a stunning reversal, the council pulled the plug on the Power Plant. My hope is that the business generator can find a home, be managed by someone with proven property-management abilities and a demonstrated success history and be administered in a fair and just manner to all applicants regardless of demographics.

To the council, I say “Chapeau!” To all who supported the Power Plant, I offer my sincere hopes that the business generator can find a life. To the Power Plant crew, I hope you can find comfort in the knowledge that you won the hearts of the council and many in the community.

In the words of KNCB Moore, “Be brave, comrades.”

Ward Hauenstein


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