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Letter: Go to Grassroots for election coverage

Go to Grassroots for election coverage

At The GrassRoots Network, we passionately believe that the health and viability of our community depends on inclusive, communal problem solving. Solving our problems as a community starts with an informed and knowledgeable electorate. Only on GrassRoots do you get to see, hear and relate to all local candidates on a non-commercial and unbiased medium.

To this end, every local election season, The GrassRoots Network offers extensive coverage of local candidates: in-depth interviews, access to all candidate debates, forums and Squirm Night and live election-night coverage expanding approximately 20 programs in all, and each are aired several times in different parts of the day to reach the entire community.

This year, Brent Gardner-Smith returns as host of GrassRoots “ProbeLine” series originated by Tom McCabe. As an independent, investigative journalist, Brent probes beneath the surface of the campaign and the candidates’ talking points, discovering what may not be obvious about each candidate during an in-depth, one-hour interview.

Residents can easily watch all GrassRoots election programming, including “ProbeLine,” candidate forums, live Squirm Night and election night coverage any time by going to http://www.grassrootstv.org, where they can find schedules, programming highlights, a special election channel and a live stream of current programming.

Ashley Allison

Station manager, The GrassRoots Network

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