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Letter: Glad to have these eggs

Glad to have these eggs

I needed eggs to bake cookies for the Blessing of Animals event on Sunday, and I found a small six-egg carton at Clark’s Market that is labeled “certified humane.” The brand is Vital Farms, and their web address is on the carton, so I looked it up and watched their video that compares their farm practices to the big factory-farm methods.

The difference is remarkable, and I am so pleased to be able to choose this brand — to enjoy eggs that didn’t cause the hens to suffer. I realize that some of their chickens are also used for meat, but at least the animals live a healthy life. Thanks to Clark’s for offering this option, and I hope that more animal products will be produced in humane conditions. I still won’t eat animals, but I will enjoy my eggs and gladly pay a higher price to get them.

Joyce Meredith


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