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Letter: Garfield County’s growing influence

Soon-to-be-gone Roaring Fork Transportation Authority board member and Carbondale Trustee John Hoffman’s outburst against the Garfield County Board of Commissioners (“Official: Cut off Garfield County,” The Aspen Times, April 15) — along with Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron’s belligerence in stoking the hot coals hotter — just wasn’t my cup of tea, as other RFTA board members lost control of their ids.

When I had my chance to speak to the RFTA board members on the issue, I excoriated them in defense of the Garfield County Board of Commissioners. Also, I explained to them the principles of reasonable initial negotiating at the table and viewing and accepting things from the Garfield County official stance.

Of course, I foresee the possibility of the RFTA board, if it is wise enough, shifting substantial power and influence from the Aspen socialist collective to the deserving and fiscally prudent Board of Garfield County Commissioners, led by the erudite John “Wyatt” Martin.

Why? Any academic can note the signs of the Aspen-Pitkin County axis’s waning sustainability as the region’s power, money influence and vigorous business-capital formation shift in favor of Garfield County.

Garfield County is the undeniable regional startup engine for dynamic economic and cultural growth for tomorrow.

RFTA’s future is with Garfield County, not Pitkin County.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen

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