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Letter: From Tibet to Aspen

Hello, friends — Aspen Tibet is delighted to announce the Sacred Arts of Tibet Tour will be returning to Aspen from Aug. 19 through 26 followed by a visit to Carbondale offering the Roaring Fork Valley Tibetan culture and craft experiences. As the original tour sent out into the world by his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama from the Gaden Shartse Monastery re-established from Tibet in southern India, it is the valley’s honor to have received well-trained and highly skilled monks at every opportunity since 1970. Additionally, the Aspen Art Museum will be hosting a mandala by the Drepung Monks of Atlanta from July 20 through 24.

We look forward to providing the community with happiness resources. If you have a location, group or individual you believe would benefit from the presence and work of the monks, contact me at aspentibet@gmail.com. Event details to come at http://www.aspentibet.com.

Serene-Marie Washburn


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