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Letter: Foresight pays off

Foresight pays off

Today is a good day to say something about the venerable if “seldom used” Aspen Mountain lift 5 and why it’s still there — and yes, it is the oldest lift on the mountain.

When Aspen Skiing Co. came to the City Planning and Zoning Commission with their plan for a new high-speed gondola, the old No. 5 was no longer there. It was longtime P&Z member Roger Hunt who led the charge for keeping it — keeping it for just such an occasion as today with the gondola down for emergency repairs.

Skico argued that there was still a way to get up the mountain via the lift 1A, though located inconveniently high on the slopes. Roger insisted that skiers should be able to get to the mountain from Little Nell. He won the battle for us all. I’ll bet Skico is glad it’s there now, too. Enjoy the relaxing ride and memories of what skiing used to be. Thanks, Roger.

Jon Busch


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