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Letter: For Mr. Clapper

I want to begin my letter with the two words that every teacher dreams of hearing, thank you. Thank you for being an inspiration and a guiding light for me. Thank you for offering experiences to me that I never believed possible. Thank you for putting me on a plane to finally see, in action, what I was learning about in class. Thank you for being patient and understanding with every paper submitted at 11:59 or maybe 12:01. I appreciate your effervescent kindness and generous nature. Your hugs and smiles were always a highlight of returning home.

My heart is sad thinking that I will no longer be able to see you at Mountain Fair or be able to laugh with you and Jessie about funny moments in class.

You were such a huge part of why I decided to become an educator because you embodied what it means to be one. You challenged me, guided me and instructed me into being the best version of myself. I am a better teacher and person because of you.

Thank you, Mr. Clapper. Thank you!

Maggie Fitzpatrick

BHS Graduate, 2011


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