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Letter: Follow Wright’s lead to save the bears

Congratulations to Kevin Wright who has served your community tirelessly for 16 years. For 16 years, he has been trying everything imaginable to keep from killing bears in Aspen. The science and anecdotal evidence tells what the problem is, yet the city and its residents refuse to take the necessary action to solve or reduce the problem. In Revelstoke, British Columbia, if a bear shows up at your house, you’re guilty of attracting it and you get a $500 fine. I recently visited Yosemite. Though it’s a national park, it is very similar to the theme park Aspen has become. The instructions I received, and a contract I had to initial, state: “All items must be removed from your car which may attract a bear. Please put these in your hotel room or bear-proof trash can. Be sure to remove all food, including unopened bottles, ice chests and scented items including soap, sunscreen and trash. Please understand that your car may be towed and cited up to $5,000 if any of these items are left unattended in the car.”

The houses and lodges in this area have already secured their trash. A similar ordinance, including all businesses and houses in Aspen and Snowmass, that is enforced would go along way to saving the bears.

John Seidel

San Luis Obispo, California

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