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Letter: First Hunter, now Biff

First Hunter, now Biff

A few years back, Woody Creek lost one of its local characters with the death of Hunter Thompson.

Recently, we have lost another beloved Woody Creature named “Biff.”

Biff the cat was a near 20 year feature of the Woody Creek Tavern, the Community Center,and the surrounding neighborhood. Biff was not only nationally famous, but also internationally famous as well, as many of these folks returned numerous times, and always asked about Biff, especially the children, many of whom are now grown-ups.

As for me, any day that I saw that Biff was still around was a good day. Also personally, Biff helped me deal with my post combat stress disorder just by being around and letting me scratch his head between his ears and under his chin, which he really loved.

With Biff’s passing, as with Hunter’s, Woody Creek has lost just a bit more of its soul.

Rest in Peace, Biffer, you are and will be missed!

Michael Galvis

Woody Creek

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