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Letter: Fewer studies, more solutions

I can’t believe that the Elected Officials Transportation Committee approved a $500,000 study of light rail and bus rapid transit for the entrance into Aspen. There is no way this will ever come about, and this is a total waste of money. All there is are studies after studies of the problem with no hope of any solution. It’s time for action, not studies. The traffic situation into and out of town is ridiculous.

I believe the best solution is to provide a one-way straight shot into Aspen from Highway 82, starting from a point between the roundabout and Cemetery Lane, over the Marolt Open Space and coming straight in through Main Street. Then the existing road could be changed to a one-way out of town. This would provide separate two-lane roads into and out of town, which should solve the problem. In addition, a parking area could be provided in the open space with shuttle service into town. If there is a better solution, I would like someone to present it.

Please stop the studies and start the solution. Or in the alternative, stop all growth and new development in town, because we can’t permit any additional traffic with our present roads.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village

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