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Letter: Fast skiers too dangerous

Dear Aspen Skiing Co.,

It has become really dangerous and unpleasant to ski Aspen Mountain. Everyone I know feels the way I do and feels that it is your fault. I’ve skied four days to date and each time there has been no employee monitoring slow areas, mainly the open area where runs combine before the Ajax Express and the bottom of Spar Gulch. Every day I have seen very fast and/or straightline skiers in those areas. Do you really think banners stating “slow zone” or “no straightlining” make a difference without enforcement?

Many people I know have gone to your offices to complain about the speed skiers. It is always explained away in a variety ways. Nothing ever gets done, and many Aspen Mountain skiers are very resentful. With the number of close-call accidents, you need to step up your game. Skis are faster and easier, and times have changed. You are negligent in your responsibility and are making many ski lovers extremely resentful.

Donna Fisher


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