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Letter: Fast and furious on Frying Pan Road

Fast and furious on Frying Pan Road

To the moron who almost caused a head-on collision at about 12:30 p.m. Friday on Frying Pan Road, are you serious?

You were in such a hurry that you wouldn’t let oncoming traffic clear before you decided to whip into the opposite lane and run me and the driver in front of me off the road and on a corner! You have no business driving an automobile with such poor judgement.

I suggest you trade your driver’s license, if you have one, for a bus pass! You came within inches of causing serious injury, if not death, to other motorists and the people riding their bicycles. A message to people who ride their bicycles on Frying Pan Road: Never forget that you are one moron away from serious injury.

Dean Wagner

Frying Pan Road

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