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Letter: Endorsement for Bert Myrin

We are writing to support Bert Myrin for City Council. For years, Bert has been tireless in his petitioning efforts to ensure that all residents’ voices are counted and heard.

To list a few of his accomplishments, he advocated to:

1. Keep the S-curves as Aspen’s entrance.

2. Retain the Puppy Smith Open Space as open space.

3. Preserve the views and green space around our library.

4. Reverse the controversial Ordinance 19 (lodging ordinance).

5. Ensure city officials adhere to Aspen’s building codes.

His advocacy, which in no way benefits him personally, is to ensure local government’s accountability, especially in areas pertaining to building codes and fiscal transparency. His most recent demonstration of this was gaining enough signatures required to put Referendum 1 on the May ballot.

Because of Bert’s passion for good governance, his voice will be even stronger and more effective if he were on the inside sitting at a council seat instead of on the outside collecting voters’ signatures at City Market.

Join us in voting for Bert Myrin for City Council. Don’t forget to vote for Adam Frisch, our other choice, as explained in a prior letter to the editor (“A respectful councilman,” April 17, The Aspen Times).

Jim and Lindsay Smith


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