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Letter: Economics 101

Listening to “Morning Joe” on MSNBC on Wednesday, I heard a number of commentators complaining that at one time Donald Trump had actually rooted for property values to go down. Everyone on the set was appalled that he could root against the interests of the common people who own their own homes.

If you find Trump’s comments offensive, you should really be offended by the local governments in the Roaring Fork Valley. They not only root for housing prices to go down — they actually take steps to accomplish it with employee-housing programs. These programs are by their very nature designed to depress real estate values. If you own a home in Elk Run, Blue Lake, Sopris Village or any other free-market housing in the valley, the value of your home is affected negatively by employee-housing programs.

If you think that this is not so, you should ask someone who understands the concept of supply and demand to explain it to you.

Ned Collum


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