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Letter: Drinking to cope with Trump

A few nights ago, I was watching a speech by Donald Trump. It verged on the cusp of being a commercial. There was a point when he was advertising a winery or vineyard in the area. He then stated that he did not drink alcohol. I was in the middle of a really great Manhattan. I do everything in moderation, thank God. I am a lightweight. I don’t have any addictions except for really great coffee. I’ve got to say, though, when I watch Fox News or watch a Republican debate or a speech by the Donald, I notice that I usually have a drink in hand. When I do imbibe, I typically laugh a lot and have a really good time. You get the picture.

All this drinking and laughing while watching these particular shows or so-called news got me thinking about alcohol use. Not abuse, mind you. I think if Trump drank at all, it would most likely make him worse, not better. If he is our next president, hard-alcohol sales are going to go through the roof. Democrats would start drinking way more. Average citizens would, too. Not in a good way, though. However, Republicans would be the biggest abusers, trying to cope and explain this man’s every action and stupid but entertaining statement on an almost hourly basis. I really hope the Democrats or even Libertarians win this fall in a landslide. A lot of people would not be happy about that, but if the Republicans win, even the majority of them are not going to like what they voted for.

So for now I am going to lightly have great cocktails in a small way. For now.

Miles Knudson

Aspen Village

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