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Letter: Double speak by city official?

When is a lie a lie?

On Dec. 27, the Aspen Daily News published a letter from Dave Hornbacher, director of utilities and environmental initiatives for the city Aspen, in which he stated, “The city has no plans to move forward with the Castle Creek Energy Center.” This letter also was published in The Aspen Times on Dec. 29.

On March 17 the Daily News published an article by Brent Gardner-Smith, which quotes the city’s Castle Creek hydro progress report to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as saying, “The Aspen City Council has not abandoned the project. The project remains a viable project at this juncture, one which the city continues to study and to defend the water rights upon which its plans are based.” The article also says, “The city’s latest six-month progress report covers the time period from Sept. 1, 2013 to March 1, 2014.”

If Hornbacher’s statement on Dec. 27 was not an outright lie, then what is it?

Bronwyn Anglin


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