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Letter: Don’t waive parking requirements

Don’t waive parking requirements

I’m pleading with you not to waive parking requirements at Mark Hunt’s lodges dubbed “Base 1” and “Base 2.” I live in town, and there is virtually no parking. In addition, employees who work in town display placards on their rearview mirrors taking up what few parking spaces there are in town every day, all year during working hours. Where do people park when they come to town and can’t always walk from the public underground garage? Isn’t Aspen a tourist town? Don’t we want to please visitors? Do you need to give in to developers’ wishes? It seems to me that putting in less expensive hotel rooms would mean that the people staying in these rooms would not be flying into Aspen but rather driving because it’s less expensive. Where will they park? Where will “employees” park who will be living in these new units which Hunt wishes to build? Once again, I ask that you not waive code requirements. Those of us living in and around Aspen will thank you for being so courageous.

Thank you for your time,

Susan Fleet Welsch


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