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Letter: Don’t let the housing authority win

I’m writing about the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority’s latest overreach.

It’s great that Aspen helps people have affordable housing, but when the organization intended to help abuses its power we need to stand up to them.

Lee Mulcahy spent years and more than a few dollars building his house. Now that it’s completed, the Aspen Pitken County Housing Authority is suing him to take it away. It’s awfully convenient the authority waited until he finished the house. Why didn’t they notify him five years ago before he spent time and money building it? Five years ago he didn’t have a job. So maybe they could claim back then he wasn’t in compliance with their terms, but now he does and is in compliance. How can the housing authority justify these actions?

We must stand together or the housing authority can do this to others. Imagine you lost your job and it took time to find a new one and five years later the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority sues you and says, “We’re forcing you out of your home because you weren’t in compliance for a while”?

Don’t let them win.

Renee Grossman


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