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Letter: Don’t let Ireland blunder again

For those who might be thinking about voting for Mick Ireland again, here’s a few things you might want to remember. Mick and his henchman Steve Barwick (he of the lucrative long-term contract engineered by Mick) are responsible for the following: The multi-million dollar Burlingame “oops”; the $18 million BMC lumber yard fiasco; the $9 million hydro rush-to-purchase of specialized equipment before the project was put to a final vote, let alone before they even knew anything about Federal Energy Regulatory Commision and it’ regulations; the wasted legal expenses defending their refusal to let the public see the election ballot results (what were they hiding?); the parking fiasco that they tried to hang on a lower-level employee; the two ugly towers on Hyman Avenue; and Mick’s generally rude and arrogant behavior to those who disagreed with him, especially second-home owners. And why does he hate second-home owners so much? After all, we’re not here full time, so there’s less traffic or demand for services. We pay our taxes but don’t send our kids to local schools. We shop in local stores, eat in local restaurants and most of us don’t travel on private jets. So why so much animosity?

Please remember these “highlights” of Mick’s previous times in office before you bring him back to do more damage.

Jerry Epstein

Philadelphia and Aspen

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