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Letter: Don’t destroy Basalt

Basaltines need to pay attention to the Planning and Zoning Commission’s plan to go ahead and build on three parcels (Pan and Fork, Lions Park and the recycle center). The Lowe Enterprise proposal is driving this development.

Basalt needs to buy the Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. portion of the Pan and Fork property. It has the revenue.

A well-planned park will create the right vitality for Basalt — a low-profile restaurant with a view of the river and outdoor seating, a music venue, a stage for plays, weddings, art fairs, yoga retreats, ice skating, art in the park for children, a boat launch, volleyball, etc.

The place for development is the Clark’s Market property. We need to find a developer who will build affordable (really affordable) housing there.

Let your voice be heard; don’t let the Planning and Zoning Commission get away with destroying Basalt as we know it.

Patrice K. Becker


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