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Letter: Doesn’t Basalt want vitality?

It looks as though Basalt has found a new way to take away vitality!

By replacing Butch’s Lobster Shack with a fruit stand and some unnamed other vendors, the one business that brought new folks to downtown Basalt will no longer add to the summer scene. These diners supported other Basalt businesses and had the opportunity to discover old town Basalt. As someone else pointed out, there are multiple fruit stands and farmers markets between Glenwood and Aspen, but there was only one Lobster Shack.

With a little imaginative planning, I believe that the Lobster Shack and the fruit stand and could both be accommodated in the former recycling space, thus providing a win-win situation for all. It is not too late to think outside the box and make it work for both.

Bill McEnteer


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