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Letter: Do your duty, kitties

When I was young, we were told the Catholic Church considered cats to be “devilish” during the Middle Ages so all the cats were killed in Europe. A few crusades tramped through, followed by rats. With no cats to kill them off, the Black Plague knocked off quite a bit of population.

Every time I read a letter from an Audubon type about cats killing off birds, I think of that story. I think pollution and chemicals kill off more birds than cats. This summer, I’m receiving reports from neighbors in Aspen Village, a mobile home park, that kitty is bringing in dozens and stacks and piles of dead mice. Imagine all those mice breeding and making nice winter nests in our insulation, chewing up our wiring and stinking up our houses at enormous expense to correct. Go kitties! Do your given thing in the grand scheme of things. Apologies to the birds, truly. Why building your nests in our backyards when there is the entire Rocky Mountain Range to choose from?

Pat Milligan


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