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Letter: Dental coverage needs more teeth

Our valley dentists need leverage. If you have dental coverage from Delta Dental, I strongly suggest you discuss the coverage with your dentist and your employer. Delta Dental uses lower-cost communities to calculate what they are willing to pay our valley dentists. That means local dentists are paid less and you pay more for each procedure.

Most valley dentists are no longer under contract with Delta Dental and are therefore not participating providers. Reimbursements to dentists now take longer or are rejected.

Valley residents pay separate premiums for dental coverage and will be paying more for each procedure. You may find if you study the costs that the coverage is not worth the premiums. Most of us renew coverage this coming January, and if we decide not to renew, our local dentists will get the leverage they need to get an agreement with Delta Dental that makes sense for the community.

Cliff Weiss


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