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Letter: Define “awesome ski season”

I guess the definition of an “awesome ski season,” as portrayed in a previous article, is different now than it was in years past. It used to be that an “awesome ski season” would mean it would hardly ever stop snowing, when Aspen would chalk up 50-plus days in a row with at least some snow falling and the sight of a blue sky a distant memory. When your legs were begging for a day off, but you wouldn’t dare because there were more powder stashes to ski and many more trees to ski through. Not a season where the town’s butt was saved by snow just before Christmas and another dump right before spring break and days before skiers might have had to download off the mountain, or snow sloshing down the sides of slopes from warm weather. So, I presume, the new definition of “awesome ski season” must be how many Gucci bags were sold, or how high real estate sales have gone or how much can be charged for a day of skiing. Go back 10 or 20 years or longer and read some old articles from your own paper on what an “awesome ski season” was really like.

Steven Cahn

Saint Marys, Georgia

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